Casa Magelli

The towering remnant of a security wall rises above Castel di Casio, dwarfing even the San Biagio Catholic Church belltower.

Tucked just behind the belltower, Casa Magelli — as it’s been lovingly dubbed — has a fascinating past.

Read about it’s earliest days. Then visit for the rest of the home’s story.

The house dates to the 15th century and possibly as early as the 11th century and is one of the oldest and most important in the village of Castel di Casio.  It has been the home of a renaissance nobleman, a monastery, and a private residence.

The house was purchased by Count Andrea Bentivoglio on January 27, 1489 from Francesco di Marco da Placenza for 30 lire.  Count Andrea, patron of the Italian humanist and poet Giovanni Sabadino degli Arienti, frequented the thermal baths of Porretta near Castel di Casio at a time when Castel di Casio was the most important town in the mountains of Bologna.  It is likely that the house belonged to Giovanni II Bentivoglio, who was captain of the mountains and the first citizen and ruler of Bologna.

The home’s courtyards and surrounding village will light up July 1, 2011 with festivities surrounding the 80th birthday party of Paul Magelli, Sr.

Hope to meet you there.



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